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Zoiy Galloay fantasy romance books

Hey, i am ZOiy

Zoiy G. Galloay enjoys dancing and hiking in her home state of Colorado. Her favorite stories to read and write are fantasy and fairy tales with unpredictable endings and occasional humor. She is a die-hard Star Trek Voyager fan and has a BA in IAFS and Asian Studies. You can occasionally find her sporting dorky costumes or sipping on tea in her homemade Victorian drawers.

All of Zoiy’s books have become #1 New Releases on Amazon. Zoiy earned a place as a #1 Amazon Bestseller on her debut novel, The Royal Matchmaking Competition: Princess Qloey.

Romantasy With…


Magic Systems

Positive magic systems, philosophy, and messages. . .

Without negative ideals or influences.



Inventive fantasy realms. . .

Without dark or sinister creatures.



True relationship development, sweet, and slow burn romance. . .

Without instalove or toxic relationships.



Political intrigue, high-stakes, action & adventure . . .

Without gore, bloodshed, or highly triggering violence.


Fun Characters

Side or main protagonists with fun personalities and depth. . .

Without boring and lifeless personalities.



You’ll love to hate.

Main genreS


Zoiy only writes about positive influencing magic systems, psychic abilities, and paranormal occurences.

In Zoiy’s books, you may find:

  • wizards
  • elven/human psychic abilities (RMC series)
  • light-filled magical philosophy


All of Zoiy’s books will have Light Fantasy. While her books have drama—a necessary ingredient—there won’t be any dark creatures or themes.

In Zoiy’s books, you may find:

  • Benevolent and light-filled creatures like centaurs, dragons, and handsome elven princes.
  • References to fairy tales in an original story.
  • Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, or Victorian era style worlds, or completely made up.
  • Fun characters in each book.
  • and more +


Zoiy writes YA to NA style of romance, and rom-coms, with the idea of relationship development as the core of the romance.

In Zoiy’s books, you may find:

  • Enemies to lovers romance
  • clean and sweet romance
  • slow burn romance
  • positive relationships
  • humor

YA may involve kissing and/or some spice appropriate for older teens.

NA (New Adult) may involve characters beginning to engage in other acts, without explicit details. No erotica or revealing sex scenes. Pleases check with individual books to see the romance level.


Princess Qloey


Prince Zadkiel


THE Fate of the empire

Princess Zoyechka of the Royal Matchmaking Competition Series

Princess Zoyechka


Princess Qloey

One princess searching for prince charming.
Twelve princes, dukes, elves, and a commoner, competing for the princess’s heart.
One assassin among the bachelors, plotting to kill the princess and bring the empire to its knees.

Warning: this fantasy romance contains dangerously hot princes, sexy elves, and a heart-throbbing peasant. Read at your own risk!

Prince Zadkiel

One prince charming searching for true love.
Twelve beautiful damsels, elves, & a commoner fighting each other for the prince’s hand in marriage.
One shadow lurking behind the scenes, trying to assassinate the royal family and take control of the empire.

Warning: if you’re susceptible to falling in love with handsome and charming princes, turn back now or you’ll never recover. Prince Zadkiel’s charismatic personality will have you begging for more. Read at your own risk!


The Fate of the Empire

One elven prince fighting for his empire.
Five damsels contending for His Majesty’s heart.
One realm erupts into chaos with both rebels and invaders taking their final stand against the Velazian Empire. Who will make it out alive?

Warning: if you like intense drama, action, adventure, and plot twists that’ll knock your socks off, this novel might be just for you. Side effects might include staying up all night to finish the book, crying, or laughing; possibly all at the same time. Read at your own risk!

Princess Zoyechka

Recipe for finding a husband:

1) Take suitors on dangerous gryphon rides—and test their willingness to stick around longer.
2) Spy on the bachelors—to discover their true natures.
3) Let the suitors viciously fight over you—until you hopelessly fall in love with one.
4) Mix it together until you find the best future king consort.

Warning: if you like gryphon-riding princesses, light fantasy worlds, a pinch of humor, a dash of romance, and a smidgen of mystery, this fairy tale mixture might be for you. Side effects of reading might include: hoping the book will never end, getting lost in the pages, and wishing you lived in an alternate reality with suitors vying for your attention. Read at your own risk!

Princess Zoyechka of the Royal Matchmaking Competition Series

“Another I Loved it! Galloay has created a vivid fairytale world, with bright and vivacious characters.”

-Reedsy Discovery

Zoiy’s Mission Statement

Dark fantasy often contains a great amount of violence, gore, toxic relationships, and harmful ideologies. People don’t realize the influence reading has on the subconscious mind, especially with young adults who are still developing their brains. These dark fantasy books can leave an unconscious impression on our thought patters and emotions, influencing us in ways we don’t realize.

My goal is to give readers LIGHT FANTASY. That is fantasy without huge triggers, with no gore, little to no violence, and void of ideologies that are unhealth for the mind to absorb. For instance, my Wizard Code book has a magic system born out of high-vibrations that are healing to the user. Stories can still have action & adventure without being violent.

I hope someday that light fantasy grow as a genre, used in places like Amazon search engines, and will give readers an alternative to the many negative books that are being pumped and absorbed by consumers. Reading, after all, should be something we can sit back and enjoy, without visually imagining fearful creatures, harmful situations, and imprinting negative urges in our minds. It’s creating mindfulness while reading and helping to heal our subconscious.

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What Zoiy never writes about

No gore, horror, bloody, or excessively violence
No dark or sinister worldbuilding
No vampires, werewolves, zombies, or dark creatures.

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