Zoiy’s Favorite Books of 2023

8)  Discovered 

by Beca Lewis 

Book three of the trilogy was the best. Beca Lewis is a self-publisher with a unique way of telling a story. It’s third person and switches in and out of POV with other characters.

Being the grand finale, there was a lot of inner discovery and action. The idea of the antagonist winning came with so much danger that I was on the edge of my seat.

For an audiobook, you have to get used to her scratchy voice and she sometimes doesn’t bother to edit a mistake, so I can’t say everyone will enjoy this story via audiobook, but the story is worth the time.

7) A Tournament of Crowns 

by Elise Kova

Of all of Kova’s series, this one is my favorite. I’m enjoying every minute of it . . . except when she destroyed Cullen’s character. Grr.

Okay, other than that . . . there are a few kinks I didn’t like, but the overall premise is entertaining and the worldbuilding keeps expanding with each new book that comes out. The fourth in the series is something I’m going to pre-order because I need to read it right away!

6)  Fourth Wing

by Rebecca Yarros

Alright, I’ll admit that I liked it. It was interesting all the way through, with high-stakes, enemies to lovers, near death experiences around every corner.

But this definitely won’t make number one on my list. I skipped many scenes because this is a violent book, and I didn’t like some aspects of the world building.

5)Ellie and the Prince

by J.M. Stengl

What adorable worldbuilding! I loved the little creatures, especially the sprites. This is definitely light fantasy, which I love because it’s cozy and cute.

This is a Cinderella retelling based out of a fairy tale resort, where Cinderella is working for the royal guests.

I purchased her entire series because I knew I’d love them all, and so far I haven’t been disappointed.

4)  The Fallen Witch

by Emma Noyes

The entire series was good, but I read book one in 2022, so book two will have to be on my favorites for this year.

This was a cute underwater adventure with the fun tropes of enemies to lovers. There were moments in each of the books where I got a chuckle.

There’s an underwater prophecy about a sea witch and the protagonist is the only one who can stop her.

3)  To Catch a Pirate 

by Jade Parker

If there were more than 5 stars, I’d give it to this book! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Don’t underestimate the the cover, this one a so adorable, I’m squealing inside right now just thinking about it. 🥰It was cute how the James Stirling became twitterpated from seeing Anna’s ankles. Historical significance.

The author did her research and knew correct pirate terminology, mentioned real pirates from the Caribbean, which this character fought and survived to tell the tale…

The plot: Anna’s father is sent to prison after a pirate steals the King’s cargo from their ship. Anna uses her dowry to purchase a ship and hire a crew to chase down the pirate and retrieve the items in order to set her father free.

It’s an endearing clean romance that was such a delight, I want everyone to know about this little treasure!

2)  Talon 

by Julie Kagawa

Talk about perfect enemies to lovers trope. Amber is a hatchling dragon who wants nothing but to have fun on her first outing in the human world, but the Talon dragon oranization has other plans for her.

Garret is a dragon slayer who’s out to find and kill the new hatchling. The two fall in love before realizing who the other truly is, in this forbidden romance.

This was complete with political intrigue, great tension, and some action.

My ratings on each book in the series change. The first was definitly my favorite of the pentalogy.

1)  Thief, Liar, Lady 

by D.L. Soria

This book touched my heart. I love books about court intrigue, with high-stakes, plot twists, and forbidden romance. This one has it all.

Thief, Liar, Lady is a retelling of Cinderella, and the best one I’ve come across. The writing was superb, and the story impossible to put down. It could make it to my top ten books of the decade.

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Have you read any books mentioned above? What are your favorite books of the year?


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