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Deleted Scenes – Unedited

A few deleted scenes are 1st drafts! I feel naked revealing some, but I won’t deprive you of the joy of reading alternate versions of my books. Keep in mind that while some might’ve gone through a development editor, none of them have been through a copy editor (the one who works on grammar).

What’s included below:

  • Deleted scenes from The Royal matchmaking Competition (the RMC), books 1 & 2

 Deleted Scenes RMC 1 & 2

Kipp of Velazia Empire

Princess Qloey: Kipp Escorting Qloey


This is at the beginning of the RMC1, when Qloey first meets the other bachelors in the breakfast room in chapter 4.

The published version shows Prince Alejandro following Qloey out of the breakfast room …

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Zaccaria, Baron of Tildon

Prince Zadkiel: Storming the Palace

This scene is an extension of the Epilogue in Princess Qloey. It was placed inside of a chapter of Prince Zadkiel, and later removed. …

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Zaccaria, Baron of Tildon

Princess Qloey: Physical Competition

1st Draft – unedited

This scene was deleted for three reasons. While I actually enjoyed this chapter and the tension that Glynnda caused, I designed the book to have a flow where the scenes went from action- downtime – action – downtime. However. …

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RMC 2: Prince Zadkiel Deleted Scenes

Leyla, Duchess of Nololay (Elves)

Opening Ceremony: Book Two (Prince Zadkiel)

Coming soon …

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Pyper, Countess of Centaurus from the Royal Matchmaking Competition: Prince Zadkiel

Pyper’s Deleted Scenes


Notes about this scene

This takes place after the opening ceremony and ball, when the girls enter the Bachelorette Pad for the first time.

The Scene:

Pyper of Centaurus burst into the room with both doors flying open, as if she owned the place. Then she put her hands on her hips and took a good look at the room’s decor.

With a smile on her face, Pyper said nothing to the contestants in the room and …

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