Unedited Deleted Scene

Deleted Scene: Kipp Escorting

Princess Qloey

Note from Author

This is at the beginning of the RMC1, when Qloey first meets the other bachelors in the breakfast room in chapter 4.

The published version shows Prince Alejandro following Qloey out of the breakfast room and escorting her away. Originally, the scene was with Kipp, but my editor pointed out that Kipp had too many scenes in the beginning and he was too obvious as a contender, so I changed it to Alejandro; but this scene suits Alejandro well since this wasn’t the only time he did this.

The Deleted Scene

Kipp ran up to me in the hall and two guards immediately became defensive. I waved a hand and they put down their swords.

“Do you have anyone to escort you back?” he asked.

“My guards.”

“Well, they aren’t real escorts! You need a gentleman.” He held an arm out for me to take. “I care too much to let you walk alone. And if any assassins come, I’ll be right here beside you, to protect and defend you till death.”

My heart skipped a beat.

“I never realized you were raised a gentleman.”

To Kipp, a gentleman meant something entirely different. “Raised to respect women, Your Majesty. To care and make whoever I marry feel safe, respected, and loved at all times.”

My cheeks heated. “What a beautiful relationship that would be.” I imagined. “I always thought marriage meant discussing contracts that’d benefit the empire, and attending events together. But safety, yes that’s important. And respect. And love.”

He seemed amused that I contemplated this so deeply. “Ya know, after watching you dance and sing last night, I thought you were a forest nymph.”

“Oh. Hah!” I burst into laughter and was glad my mother didn’t witness this behavior of mine, but could I not help but be a teenager who wanted to let go sometimes? “Music and dance is a princess’s duty. I had no choice but to learn.”

“Duty? What about fun? Hobbies. What you enjoy?”

“Well…” I started to come out of my shell by telling him my true feelings about my hobbies. “I do enjoy music and dancing. And Archery.”

“As long as you distinguish ‘enjoy’ from ‘duties’, I’ll accept that response. Perhaps we can find more activities you enjoy, together!” He said joyfully.

My parents didn’t really do “fun activities” together. They talked during the day, then went to separate bedchambers at night. But it was my plan to have a husband who had similar hobbies as myself, like archery, so that… well… so that we’d have activities to do together. Although duty was most important in a husband, seeing my parent’s lack of affection for each other made me desire some connection with a man. But I would never tell my mother that I wished to fall in love. She wouldn’t care for those things, and would immediately remind me that marriage was a duty.

We stood in front of the royal hallway, which he wasn’t allowed to enter. He leaned down and kissed my hand, getting a whiff of my passion fruit perfume that Prince Abdulla had given me.

“Thank you for escorting me,” I said.

“I also wished to save you from Prince Edgar’s tax collection.”

I laughed again.

It was difficult to wipe the smile off my face the remaining afternoon. Kipp was a funny boy. In a good way. But he was a peasant. Nothing was possible between us. My mother would never allow it. I shook the thought off.

But he sure was charismatic.