Unedited Deleted Scene

Princess Qloey- Physical Competition

Note from Author

This chapter was too long. My first draft contained seven different physical challenges for the bachelors. Later, I added three for the females, including Princess Qloey and the contestants’s siblings. Too much action like this will bore the reader, and do I combined several of the challenges into one. This deleted scene is mostly Qloey and the elf, Glynnda, fighting for first place. In case you don’t recall, Glynnda had placed a spell over the contestant, Prince Qinrel. 

Here are the extra challenges that didn’t make it into the published version.

Third Person POV

The book was originally written in third person and later changed.

The Deleted Scene

After the horn sounded, all eight girls sped off. They rode through a zig-zag course and leapt over logs. The elf, Glynnda, made it around the first bend in the lead. Qloey tried to pick up speed and chase her down, but Glynnda cut her off while looking back at her with a smirk.

She shouldn’t even be in this race! 

Around the last bend and they raced to the finish with Glynnda in first.

Qloey took her gloves off to return to the stands, Glynnda walked by and gave Qloey an arrogant smug smirk.

 Sonya was on the sideline talking with the elven leaders.

“This better be resolved before the last event.” Qloey muttered under her breath.

*       *       *

Moving onto the second round in the competition for the boys was an obstacle course. The course was built over the pond, so if anyone fell, they’d get soaked.

More amusement for the aristocrats.

Alejandro took off his doublet, revealing a sweaty white shirt. He just wanted to show off his chest.

All women in the crowd ogled at him.

To compete for hotness, the other boys also took off their vests and doublets.

Now all girls became animated.

“Zack and McKinley as so strong.” Ednnys said again to another girl.

Fine, look all you want, but they’re mine. Qloey decided to let go of the jealousy as she took her seat next to her mother. She would rather be proud of her boys.

Even Hedgewood was rather strapping, muscular, and handsome. His biceps were the size of her quads. He was toned and powerful. Of course, dwarves were naturally stronger than human and elves and could easily outwit them in a race. But Qloey wasn’t expecting him to win because of their agreement, he was here to help her find another husband. Right?

Still, he was attractive to look at… without a shirt on.

But the elves! They were shining beams of light, the most handsome creatures on earth. Qinrel threw his black hair back as the breeze cooled the sweaty glaze on his chest. He wasn’t as strong as the others, but still radiant.

“You lost.” Ezmorelda didn’t even look Qloey in the eye. Second place was never acceptable. After all the training she gave her.

“I’ll win first in the sword fighting, mother.”

“You better.” She was pissed. This was an embarrassment.

“I intentionally lost,” Qloey overheard Edgar tell her father. “A prince should never partake in such unruly activities.”

Qloey rolled her eyes.

Sore loser.

The boys prepared themselves. Four would be eliminated and four would continued to the finale. Anyone who fell in the water was automatically eliminated. The horn sounded and they ran off.

Hedgewood was fast! He was the first to reach the rope course. They had to navigate across a rope course with plenty of opportunities to fall. A few times he almost missed grabbing onto the next rope, but he his strength endured.

The elf, Qinrel, came up in the rear. If Qloey didn’t know any better, he was taking his time, intentionally loosing. Perhaps to be with his lover. She knew from the three-legged race that he was faster.

The dwarf Hedgewood now reached the last section. He jumped across slippery logs over like a frog on lily-pads. He had speed, strength, agility, and balance!

The two most physically fit, Zack and General McKinley, fought for second. Zack took a chance and leapt across McKinley, cutting him off. But this caused him to slip on the rock and fell head first into the pond. McKinley fell off balance, but didn’t give up and made a daring leap to the grass. He rolled into a summersault.

The audience made various reactions, as some handed over their bets.

Alejandro and Lancelot came up behind, making it into the next round.

Once Zack got out of the water he took his wet shirt off and flung it around as girls squealed.

“Dear unicorns.” Her and her mother exchanged glances in embarrassment. Not princely behavior.

*       *       *

The boys had a rest while girls had their final competition in sword fighting.

Qloey’s first match was against Edgar’s sister, Ednnys. She was only fourteen, thus an easy fight for Qloey. It was a matter of seconds when Qloey disarmed her opponent. Qloey wanted a strong competitor. Someone who’d put up a real fight. And she was about to get her wish.

Next up was Glynnda who was to fight the dwarf princess from Atlatis Peak, Hedgewood’s sister. There was no way an elf like Glynnda could defeat a dwarf. She didn’t have the footwork, strength, or talent. Dwarves are physically superior, and this dwarf was definitely a talented sword fighter. She could tell by how she warmed up.

It made Qloey nervous. The only one here who could defeat her was the dwarf. And she couldn’t let her mother down again. She had to study the dwarf’s movements closely to find weakness’. But something happened that overturned the entire show:

The dwarf reached up to her temple, like she had a massive migraine, then suddenly lost her footing. Glynnda came in for the win.

“What?” Everyone in the crowd gawked.

It made no sense. No sense at all.

It’s not even possible.

Glynnda then turned and smirked at Qloey again. It was their turn to fight. Something was off. Nothing was right about this.

Then Qloey began to wonder if this elf would attempt to assassinate her.   



 (Chapter Break)



Next Chapter: Glynnda



Qloey couldn’t show fear in front of her audience, but inside knew that the dwarf didn’t lose because of talent. Glynnda had some trick up her sleeve.

She put gloves on while Sonya updated her. “Qinrel’s mother and several other elven guards were watching over Glynnda were found fast asleep under an elf tonic. The other elves had a remedy and she’s recovered now.”

Qloey pursed her lips.

“Shall we cancel this match?”

“No!” A servant handed Qloey her sword. “It’ll make me look like a coward. I’ll defeat her. Then have the elven authorities ready to escort her away, immediately. But tell me one thing Sonya,” Qloey finally took her eyes off the elf in the distance, “do you think she’ll try to assassinate me?”

Sonya’s mouth hung wide open, unable to answer.

“Never mind.” Qloey stepped into the sun.

Glynnda joined her on the field. Glynnda stared directly into the princess’ eyes like she were casting some spell. Suddenly, Qloey pulled off the stage.

“What is wrong?” Sonya was at her side.

“Something in my eye.” She blinked a few times, but… it seemed to be gone. “Never mind.” She stepped back onto the floor and faced Glynnda again.

Then the two went at it, jabbing at each other, and then pulling back.

Again, Qloey stepped off the stage.

“Your eye again?” Sonya asked.

“Yes. No. Something’s not right. Whenever I stare into her eyes, I get… brain fog. I can’t see.”

“Some elf charm?”

That could explain things.

“Can you not look her in the eye when you return and just focus on her movements?”

This time, Qloey followed Sonya’s instructions and looked down the entire time.

“If she pulls off again, she’ll have to forfeit.” Glynnda told the judge. But still, Qloey wouldn’t look at her. “It’s cheating. Do you hear me?”

Qloey kept her eyes downcast.

It’s cheating? You’re cheating! Everything seemed to be better now. “Let’s begin.”

The two circled each other, then stepped in for the fight. They pulled away each time, then attacked again. Glynnda came in for the next jab, but Qloey was as swift as lightning and got the first of three points.

“You’re supposed to honor your opponent by acknowledging me face-to-face.” Glynnda complained.

From this, Qloey knew she won. The elf couldn’t put the spell on her anymore. “One more point and you lose.” Qloey prepared to fight again.

This time, Qloey was more aggressive. The moment the horn went off, she lunged forward and jabbed her in the stomach. Luckily, both of them had protection on.

Qloey won.

“Her Majesty, Princess Qloey is the winner.” The judge announced.

The princess whispered into her ear. “If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life rotting in our prison, for infidelity enchanting royal members of the court, I’d suggest you depart, NOW.” She gracefully motioned to the guards at the door. Glynnda gave a fake smile and walked away.

But that simple act of looking her in the eye again made her dizzy again.