Do You Want Zoiy to Review your Prepublication Galley?

 Zoiy loves to read almost as much as she loves to write and believes in helping out fellow authors. If you’re an author and would like a review from Zoiy Galloay that you can show off to your potential readers, read below for what qualifies for entering into her review system.


To Qualify:

Note: Zoiy will only release reviews on books that she likes. She has a reputation to keep and will be honest. Therefore, even if your novel is accepted, you might not get a review unless she likes or loves it.

~Unpublished ARC’s only

~Will accept: YA, New Adult, Middle Grade or Adult novels

~Fiction Genres Include: Light Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Romance, Romantic-Comedies, Magical Realism, Contemporary Fiction, (Science Fiction if it’s well done), and possibly others…

~Non-fiction: Metaphysical/New Age/Spiritual that aligns with the Forces of Light. No other non-fiction will be accepted at this time.


Will Not Accept!!!:

~No hard violence (minimal non-gory action or fighting scenes are okay).

~Dark fantasy (not interested in vampires, werewolves or zombies unless it’s light-hearted and comical, but good luck being chosen :( ).

~No horror, crime, suspense, thriller, or showing physical abuse.


If your novel is chosen:

~You will receive an honest review which you can choose to display on your Goodreads, book cover and/or website.

~You will receive visibility on Zoiy’s blog and newsletter, possibly with an honorable mention.

~Zoiy will post the review on Goodreads for you.

~Happiness that comes with a wonderful review (can’t beat that!)


9 + 10 =

After you send you query, Zoiy will review the information and if she wants to move forward, she’ll ask for a synopsis and other details via e-mail. If you aren’t selected, it could mean she’s either too busy to be accepting new material or the novel doesn’t align with her list of requirements or interests.