Zoiy-The-fate-of-the-empire-book Fantasy Romance

The Royal Matchmaking Competition:

The Fate of The Empire

Published November 14, 2023

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Stars

“The threat that I might not inherit the throne suddenly became real.”


One elven prince fighting for his empire.

Five damsels contending for His Majesty’s heart.

One realm erupts into chaos with both rebels and invaders taking their final stand against the Velazian Empire. Who will make it out alive?

Warning: if you like intense drama, action, adventure, and plot twists that’ll knock your socks off, this novel might be just for you. Side effects to reading might include staying up all night to finish the book, crying, or laughing; possibly all at the same time. Read at your own risk!


Prince Zadkiel narrows his choices in marriage down to five girls, each of whom has won his heart. But as rebels continue to attack the RMC contestants, spies run rampant in the palace, and tension with Baylor and Payonna reaches its peak. The Velazian royal family realizes that they have more enemies than they thought. Prince Zadkiel wonders if he will live to see the day he becomes crowned ruler of the Velazian Empire.


 More about the Book

This is a continuation to Prince Zadkiel’s story. A duology.

The RMC Series can be read out of order, but some things will be spoiled. These books can be read as the first book in the series:

Book one: Princess Qloey – single

Book two: Prince Zadkiel – duology

or Book four: Princess Zoyechka – duology


Genre & Details

Genre: YA, light fantasy, romantic comedy.

Time period: High fantasy in a 16th century, European Renaissance style.

Triggers: A non-violent, non-gory battle scene.

Includes illustrated character art, special features, and a sneak peek into the Princess Zoyechka.

Romantic Comedy

Laugh out loud hilarious romantic comedy about an elven prince searching for true love as twelve beautiful maidens compete for his attention.

This slow-burn romance is about love, growing up, and holding onto values.

Zadkiel’s Profile

Zadkiel, Crown Prince of the Velazian Empire

Human-Elf. Age 18. Speaks Velazian, Elven, Baylorian, Tildon, & Pixie in their native accents.

Interests: Loves sword fighting, polo, archery, quoits, & the Renaissance game, pallone. Favorite color: blue.

Prince Zadkiel Fantasy Romance

Reader Views

“The blossoming romances between Zadkiel and his possible brides, such as Grace, Esperanza, and Makayla, were both sweet and wholesome while also holding a fair amount of slow-burn, spicy romantic zest.”

Reedsy Discovery

“Galloay has created a vivid fairytale world, with bright and vivacious characters.”

Book Viral Review

“Cheeky in it’s approach, spirited, and splendidly written. The Royal Matchmaking Competition is a must-read for fans of Teen & Young Adult Romantic Fantasy and is highly recommended.

Indie Book Review

“Readers will love Galloay’s diverse fantasy world and its people. It’s filled with elves, dwarves, nymphs, fairies, and more with their own unique cultures.”

Jaime Garner Review

“This book is a bit like a fun recipe. If you take a scoop of “The Bachelor”, a scoop of fantasy, a teaspoon of “The Dating Game,” a dash of royal family drama and a sprinkling of “Princess Diaries” I think that you’d end up with something fairly close to this book.

Readers’ Favorite

“The Royal Matchmaking Competition is a delightful young adult fantasy romance with a touch of intrigue and excitement… [it] combines coming of age with romance and mystery in a terrific contemporary fairy story.”

Continue Reading the series

Fantasy Romance

Princess Zoyechka

One elvish princess perpetually getting into trouble.

Twelve men seeking to woo the princess.

One suitor manipulating the princess behind the scenes.


Warning: if you like princesses who fly on the backs of gryphons, light fantasy worlds, a pinch of humor, a dash of romance, and a smidgen of mystery, this fairy tale might be just for you. Side effects to reading might include hoping the book will never end, getting lost in the pages, and wishing you lived in an alternate reality where you can choose your spouse out of twelve contestants. Read at your own risk!

Gryphons Riders

This book takes place twenty years after Prince Zadkeil chooses a bride. It’s his eldest daughter, Zoyechka’s, turn to find a husband by participating in the RMC.

This book highlights a new generation, where gryphons have been bred for flying.

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