Best Fantasy Books of 2022

8) Prince of Never

by Juno Heart

Lara is taken from her homeland and into the Fae Realm. She encounters the crown prince of the fae to who she is attracted.

The fae prince has a curse placed on him to blacken his heart. The curse will only be lifted if he finds his soulmate, the problem is the curse will then be passed onto his younger brother, which he doesn’t want. His plan is to kill this soul mate once he discovers who she is and attempt to end the cycle once and for all.

Prince of Never was quite enjoyable all the way through and humorous in the last chapter. My main complaint is that their relationship didn’t develop enough before she confessed her desire for him, and Lara wasn’t the brightest of sorts.

Overall 4 stars.

7) The Runaway King

by Jennifer A. Nielsen

There’s a strong debate which book of the Ascendancy Series is the best and which is the worst. The first book is The False Prince and receives high praise from me and is the favorite of most. However, book 2 is my favorite. However, the remaining three books in the series have gained more criticisms because of flat characters, plot holes, inconsistencies, and ridiculous plots that don’t make sense.

You might like this series if you love action & adventure, and twists & turns, however, if you want a well-written book, it’s unadvisable to read anything other than the first of this series.

The premise of the first book is about an orphan who is forced to pretend to be the long lost prince of the kingdom after his family’s deaths. It is intriguing and unpredictable with upcoming plot twist.

6) Betrayed

by Kiera Cass


To be honest, I almost DNF’ed book 1. Most others can agree that The Betrothed wasn’t a very good book. Usually, when I don’t like book 1 of a series, I’ll read the spoilers or ending of the next/last book so I don’t have to bother reading it. It turned out…this was really, really good. I loved book 2 of this duology, despite the ending being a little ridiculous.

Hollis leaves her kingdom with her family-in-laws to start a new life. In this enemies-to-lovers, we see tension between her and Etan, who despises her, and tries to make her life difficult. Well and behold, between their various interactions, they grow to love one another.

The story so sweet and built up their romance at the perfect pace.

5) The Blameless 

by E.S. Christison


If you want a well written book with fun characters, magical powers, and something that’ll leave you feeling good, this is the book for you.

There was a coup and Briana’s royal family was killed. Now, she’s on the run, and three men from a secret group called the Blameless come to her rescue and teach her how to use her magical powers.

With these newfound abilities, she plans on taking back throne and freeing everyone enslaved by the wicked man currently on the throne.

4)  The Royal Matchmaking Competition: Princess Qloey

by Zoiy Galloay

The RMC Book Series is about the crown princess of the Velazian Empire who needs to marry. Twelve bachelors from all over the realm participate in daily competitions, like archery, sword fighting, Renaissance style games, and a game show, etc. in order to win a private date with her, and hopefully win her heart.


The competitions become messy when one of the bachelors tries to assassinate her. The problem is, she doesn’t know which bachelor it is.

3) Trial of Sorcerers

by Elise Kova

There is very little… correction… there are NO criticisms I have of this book. It was written to perfection according to my tastes. Really, all I can warn you about is: don’t read the official blurb because it spoils the story.

The character had depth and struggles. The story had mystery, intrigue, secret passageways, and a fantastic magical world.

Eira is a waterrunner sorcerer, but her family keeps holding her back, in fear that she’ll make the same mistake when she was younger in accidentally killing someone with her powers.

News arrives of a tournament to be held on the Crescent Continent of the elfin people and she wants to win the position. There are many forces working against her, some trying to use her…

2)  My Fairly Dangerous Godmother 

by Janette Rallison


Adorable premise! Fun characters! Absolute delight of a fairy tale read!

This is the third book of the Unfair Godmother series and my favorite. In each book, an unsuspecting teenager is granted 3 wishes from their fair godmother, who has struggled a great deal in graduating from fairy godmother school.

Everything goes wrong with the wishes. Each of the characters in each book is taken into a grim fairy tale world and forced to play out the story until the end.

This is among my all-time favorite series, ever.

1)  To Catch a Pirate 

by Jade Parker

If there were more than 5 stars, I’d give it to this book! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Don’t underestimate the the cover, this one a so adorable, I’m squealing inside right now just thinking about it. 🥰It was cute how the James Stirling became twitterpated from seeing Anna’s ankles. Historical significance.

The author did her research and knew correct pirate terminology, mentioned real pirates from the Caribbean, which she fought and survived to tell the tale…

The plot: Anna’s father is sent to prison after a pirate steals the King’s cargo from their ship. Anna uses her dowry to purchase a ship and hire a crew to chase down the pirate and retrieve the items in order to set her father free.

It’s an endearing clean romance that was such a delight, I want everyone to know about this little treasure!

Romance-Books-Matchmaking-prince-zadkiel Fantasy Romance

Check out The Fate of the Empire, coming soon.





Zoiy-The-fate-of-the-empire-book Fantasy Romance

Have you read any books mentioned above? What are your favorite books of the year?

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